Environmental & Land Use Law

Environmental Law from Presley LawOur real estate lawyers and staff represent clients in the zoning, subdivision, development and construction of all types of real property. Our representation covers all facets of the transaction, including: acquisition of improved and unimproved land for residential and commercial use, including assemblages of tracts of land, office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, industrial parks, office parks, hotels, and apartment, multifamily and mixed-use projects.

Whether the client is purchasing raw land, acquiring property that has already been developed, or purchasing lots in an established subdivision, we can negotiate, draft, and review contracts, direct the due diligence phase, and provide advice regarding the typical legal issues that arise.

Another integral due diligence item involves reviewing site assessments to ensure that the property is environmentally safe and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws relating to protecting parties and future occupants from hazardous materials, contamination and other health risks to allow clients to identify and manage the environmental risks attendant to the property. Our real estate attorneys understand the critical importance of environmental due diligence, and we have years of collective experience to lend to this effort.